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Events and Festivals in Mexico

Day of the Dead or El Dia de Muertos

Feria de San Marcos

Over a million visitors congregate in the city of Aguascalientes during late April until mid-May to celebrate one of Mexico's largest events, Feria de San Marcos. With plenty to amuse you from dramatic bull-fights to rodeos, concerts, a fun-fair, art displays, music, dance and other cultural features, this is an event for all the family. This is also a great event to try out some traditional Mexican cuisine, regional delicacies and drinks. Events during Feria de San Marcos take place both day and night throughout the entire city so just pick a place and time that suits you best.


Mexico City Festival

Downtown, in the Historic Centre of Mexico City is where you can participate in one of the capital's most energetic festivals celebrating art and culture at its best read more...



As in other countries which celebrate the Catholic time of Lent, Carnival time which takes place across the country and is a terrific five-day event commencing 46 before Easter Sunday. Enjoy one of Mexico's biggest fiestas comprised of a series of flamboyant parades, large floats, dance performances, and live concerts. Let's not forget the sparkling costumes too! Two of the biggest known Carnivals of the country take place in Veracruz in the east of Mexico and Mazatlán in the west so if you are heading to either of these two cities, stick around long enough for this highly anticipated event. Enjoy plenty of Samba music as well as brass band sounds that vibrant through the streets.


Holy Week

If you enjoy religious events, Semana Santa or Holy Week, celebrated across the country during the month of March, is a key attraction in Mexico as a result of its organised processions filled with devoted Catholics, religious festivities, and parties topped off with firework spectacles. Expect to find many shops and clubs closed during the Holy Week and book restaurants and hotels in advance!



Guelaguetza is a traditional July event dating back to pre-hispanic times when a festival would be offered to the gods with the hope that a generous harvest would be given. Held within the Oaxaca City, Guelaguetza showcases plenty of folkloric dancing, its main highlight, plus music, costumes and food. Keeping the tradition very much alive, you will find many versions of the festival throughout several towns. The festival is attended by a large number of Mexicans as well as visitors world-wide.


La Morisma de Bracho

Held within the colonial town of Zacatecas, La Morisma de Bracho festival is one of the oldest events of the country and is famous for re-enacting the battles between Moors and Christians of what was old Spain. These mock battles are known to involve up to 10,000 people, many actors, young and old, and despite its theme, is regarded as an incredibly entertaining spectacle of historical importance. Make sure to attend La Morisma festival held throughout the town's centre during 3 days near the end of August.


Fiestas de Octubre

October is a great month to be in Mexico as it hosts several cultural festivities across the country. Enjoy a range of colourful celebrations and experience Mexican dance, Mariachi music, food, drink, and forms of entertainment at its best! The most well-known festivals during this month include Festival of the Sun; Cabo Comedy Festival; Expo Tequila; Festival Internacional Cervantino; Octoberfest; Day of the Race; Morelia International Film Festival; Tulum Sea Turtle Festival; International Mayan Culture Festival; Monumental Alebrijes Parade; Daylight Saving Time Ends; and Day of the Dead.


Day of the Dead

It may sound like a morbid event but the Day of the Dead, a two-day event held on November 1 and 2, is ironically upbeat and very much alive! Deriving from the ancient Mesoamerican culture, fascinated by death, the festival honours all saints and those that have passed in child and adulthood. El Dia de Muertos, as it is formally known, is a time to remember loved ones and celebrate their lives and is a significant event of Mexican popular culture. Large crowds join together to enjoy traditional sugar skulls, bread and fruits in candle-lit locations. One of the most classical locations were this festival is most popular is in Pátzcuaro especially along the lake. Don't be surprised to see Halloween-like objects scattered around the city and try the Pan de Muerto (Bread of the Dead) which is a tradition at this time.


Mexico City Alebrije Parade

Arranged by the city's Popular Art Museum, the Mexico City Alebrije Parade is a vibrant parade celebrating Mexican handcrafts and folk art read more...

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Events and Festivals in Mexico

Feria de San Marcos Over a million visitors congregate in the city of Aguascalientes during late April until mid-May ...