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About Brasília

Panoramic view of Brasilia from the TV tower

Brasília, the capital city of Brazil since 1960, is an inland destination which is part of the Federal District in the southern-central part of the country. As a getaway, Brasília doesn't offer the typical beaches found in other popular destinations of Brazil nor is it abundant in natural green gifts. What it does offer though is a galore of major modern pieces of architecture of which many were designed by the famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, whose creations are everything from captivating to intelligent and unique forms of art well worth visiting. As the home of the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the Federal government, Brasília is a massive focal point of the country and its numerous landmarks represent just that.

Brasília, a planned city and capital, contains a long list of original and modern sights you should not fail to visit whilst in Brasília. Explore the strategically designed Monumental Axis and the Three Powers Plaza which embraces the most powerful institutions of the country in one space. When considering individual landmarks there are plenty to choose from also. Start with Brasília's most iconic and religious structure, the Metropolitan Cathedral, resembling an upside down white basket. Then move on to other notable constructions and designs such as Palace of Dawn (the presidential Palace); the University of Brasília; the National Theatre; Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge crossing the man-made Paranoá lake; Itamaraty Palace; and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB) for instance. On offer are also botanical gardens; a zoo and sports complexes in addition to its most wide open green area, City Park, offering outdoor activities like no other place in the capital resulting it a great family destination.

Designated as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and an outstanding landmark in the history of urban planning, Brasília is linked by a modern network of motorways to the majority of cities across the country including distant places like Belo Horizonte, Salvador and Belém. It is also connected by rail to the popular and much bigger holiday destinations of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Brasília is the transportation hub of the entire country adding even more so to its importance.

Concerned mostly with political issues, Brasília is not best known for holding arrays of entertaining events like other states. Despite this, the capital is the best location to be in during important national holidays like Brazil's Independence Day. Brasília's celebrations of this day can be characterized as grand displays of pride and patriotism and something you won't want to miss out on. The city also participates in other annual events such as Carnival and the June Festival as well as hosting the oldest cinema event in the country known as Brasília's Festival of Brazilian Cinema.

This momentous city of the Central Highlands in the heart of Brazil is highly inspirational and a haven for design enthusiasts. Organised, clean and meticulously planned to the minutest of details, the Brasília capital offers tourists a different side to Brazil; a side which promotes wealth, modernity, good living and an urban paradise. It's a gorgeous city, overflowing in outstanding monuments and high class society locations. Great hotels, restaurants, and shopping will top off what will be a wonderful holiday in Brazil's fine capital.

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