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About Los Angeles

Amazing view of Los Angeles with the mountains at background

Nestled within sunny southern California lies the "City of Angels" or the "Entertainment Capital of the World", Los Angeles (L.A.). A city constantly in the limelight, Los Angeles is a cultural wonder of the United States and hub of the film, radio and recording industries. It is precisely for these two reasons that those that dream of travelling to America one day always have Los Angeles at the top of their list of must-visit cities.

What adds to this desire is that everything about Los Angeles is appealing – the great weather, the glimmering shorelines, the inviting yellow beaches, cutting edge buildings, legendary attractions and landmarks, well-groomed Angelenos, exceptional shopping, and the list goes on and on. Everything screams come visit me here. Even the tall green palm trees that stretch along its roadsides and promenades look unbelievably stylish! But that's L.A. for you.

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the US and in terms of population comes in just after upbeat New York City. It comprises over 80 districts and neighbourhoods but is typically divided into individual areas known as Downtown Los Angeles, East Los Angeles, Northeast Los Angeles, South Los Angeles, the Harbor Area, Greater Hollywood, Wilshire the Westside and the San Fernando and Crescenta Valleys. Lovely L.A., much like numerous other urban cities in America, is extremely diverse from its one hundred or so ethnic communities to its landscape. In the skyline of Downtown L.A. for example, where skyscrapers shoot into the air, are magnificent mountain ranges. The whole image looks quite surreal, as if they were almost painted into the background. Expect to find both hilly and flat areas with low lands and high peaks like Mount Lukens in the San Fernando Valley. The Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains contains plenty of peaks great for days of climbing, plus is a great destination for water sports, especially the east fork area. The Los Angeles River, a famous location which has appeared in electrifying car chase or driving scenes in movies live Grease, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Terminator 2, The Italian Job, In Time and Drive, runs through the heart of the city flowing from Canoga Park into the mouth of Long Beach.

From business to entertainment, fashion to science, international trade to sports, this incredible city is a powerhouse and leader of each one of these industries. Its most thriving industry, however, is movie-making and Hollywood is where most of the big action takes place. This is a destination that has got everything to keep you hooked featuring the weird and the wonderful in addition to plenty of America's iconic attractions. From the Hollywood Sign to Hollywood Boulevard, Universal Studios Hollywood and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, you will feel like a celebrity yourself as you bounce from icon to icon. The unique and diverse shopping destination of Beverly Hills is another must. Check out what's hot and what's not and possibly bump into a celebrity. Who knows, anything can happen in L.A.!

If you are looking for something that will entertain both you and the entire family, especially the younger ones that don't know what all the fuss about visiting L.A. is yet, there are extraordinary points of interest that are both stimulating and great fun and many of them have also featured in top movies, so get ready to cross off a couple more places on your bucket list! Look out at the stars in the Griffith Observatory; see giant dinosaur fossils in the Natural History Museum; get close to the Endeavour space shuttle at California Science Center; or discover the mystery lurking in the ground of Hancock Park at La Brea Tar Pits and watch live excavations. For something more cultural, the Getty Center is L.A.'s most important attraction in terms of art. The Walt Disney Concert Hall, a visually outstanding structure features the world famous Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra from October to June. If you're passionate about antique cars or are a collector yourself, the Nethercutt Museum contains an extraordinary ensemble of all types of cars dating back to the mid-19th century.

Los Angles is a city of ambiance. It is alive day and night and is unmatched in terms of what it has to offer. Once a quiet centre, Los Angeles has evolved rapidly and dramatically in all areas and offers the best of the best of transport systems, restaurants, hotel accommodation and services offering a tremendous range of alternatives to choose from. If you are looking for an extraordinary getaway this year, Los Angeles will be a full-on strike. You can't go wrong!

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