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About Argentina

The title Argentina filled with the Argentinian flag

From the tall white peaks of the Andes to the mile upon mile rocky Cuyo dessert or its upbeat capital city, Buenos Aires, compared with the nature-fenced ski resort of Bariloche - Argentina has plenty to brag about given its status as one of the most varied countries of South America. It might even be safe to say the entire planet! But its variety does not stop there. With jungles, off-shore territories, glaciers, waterfalls, beaches, flora, and rare wildlife for nature devotees to discover or on the other hand cultural metropolises with modern skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, restaurants and big name designer stores for you to lavish in; Argentina lacks nothing when it comes to offering something for all.

As the eighth-largest country in the world, Argentina offers plenty of ground to be covered during your getaway as well as special landmarks and UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as Los Glaciers National Park, Cueva de las Manos, Quebrada de Humahuaca, or Ischigualasto for example. There are six regions that make up Argentina in total – Pampas, Patagonia, Cuyo, Mesopotamia, Gran Chaco, and Argentine Northwest. Taking up practically all of the southern region of South America, Argentina is neighboured by extraordinary countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay making side trips to these countries 'just next door' possible if you fancy exploring more of the southern continent. This, as many would say, is just another added bonus of travelling to this Latin American charm. Argentina even shares some of its most famous attractions with other countries such as the dramatic cataracts of Iguazu Falls that lies across its border with Brazil in the north; the celebrated Andes Mountains that separate the country from Chile at its west as well as the Tierra del Fuego archipelago which it shares with the same country towards the cold south.

With enormous European influences, originating mainly from Spain, Argentina is claimed to be the most European country of Latin American. These influences are blatant in the country's language, its architecture, its food, its traditions, its music, its fashion, and its art but at the same time, all these aspects remain distinct to the country because of the added fieriness and passion Argentines invest in them. Take the tango for example, what Argentine tradition better represents the country's 'hot n spicy' character? San Telmo in Buenos Aires is known as one of the top places to watch some of the best Argentine tango dancers perform on its streets.

To experience other important traditions of Argentina there is nothing like participating in events and festivals held along the year. From dance events like the Buenos Aires Tango Festival to religious events like the Tilcara Carnival Festival famous for its ancient rituals. Get to know all about the Argentine Gaucho or cowboy at the highly entertaining rodeo festival in San Antonio de Areco or attend something a little more gallant in the form of the Polo Championships attended annually by the British royal family.

To top off your holiday make sure you sample some Argentine delicacies by sampling the country's famous steak bigger than you've ever seen before; the bife de chorizo or parrillada; completing your experience with an empanada, locro or humita. Whilst enjoying your meal, enjoy a soothing glass of wine from the region of Mendoza, Argentina's most prominent province dedicated to viniculture and situated in the picturesque foothills of the Andes.

About Argentina

From the tall white peaks of the Andes to the mile upon mile rocky Cuyo dessert or its upbeat capital city, Buenos ...

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