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About Ontario

Sunset on Lake Ontario, Canada

The province of Ontario is a great holiday destination for a number of reasons. To start with, its home to Canada's capital city and political centre, Ottawa, and then it's where you'll find the great urban city of Toronto – Ontario's capital and the most popular of the country's regions filled with must-see attractions and a vibrant atmosphere. There are few other provinces in the country that offer things to do and places to see like Ontario does.

From the gentle waters of Lake Ontario and the thundering roars of Niagara Falls to unique natural parks, rare wildlife and landmarks, Ontario is bursting with grand natural features that will impress and amaze you like never before. Journey through southern modern towns with excellent shopping centres; cultural museums, and record-breaking structures like the CN Tower then get away from the crowds and take a break in a northern rural resort that will have you stress-free in no time.

Apart from containing unrivalled features within its borders, Ontario is also surrounded by other North American jewels and popular destinations. To the west is Manitoba province; to the north lies Hudson Bay and James Bay; French Québec borders its eastern side whilst the US states of New York, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota and Pennsylvania are to its south. If you are lucky enough to travel around the different cities of Ontario, you will quickly realize that each area contains something worth discovering or doing. Explore the famous shipwrecks of Tobermory on a scuba-diving expedition, find a bargain at the old Kensington Market in Toronto, stand on the face of the Sleeping Giant whilst beholding the beauty of Lake Superior near Thunder Bay, pretend you're in the African wilderness at Hamilton's African Lion Safari or tour the Thousand Islands of the St Lawrence River and all its stunning natural characteristics or put your nerves to the test on a stomach-churning rollercoaster at Canada's Wonderland in Vaughan.

Being one of Canada's most populated provinces, with almost half of the nation's total population setting up home here; Ontario's social scene is constantly thriving. Year-round celebrations and festivals keep the atmosphere alive and its people busy! Windsor, London, Stratford and Kitchener are known for their lively festivals that bring numerous activities to the cities as well as plenty of tourists. Participate in cultural events like the Stratford festival to the hugely popular Oktoberfest in Kitchener. It'll be an absolute blast!

Make Ontario one of your top places to visit in Canada this year! Choose from a range of getaway types and make your trip an unforgettable one. Explore the different options and destinations in Ontario dedicated to wine and food, spas, arts and culture, golf, adventurous sports and outdoor activities and stay in top notch hotels.

About Ontario

The province of Ontario is a great holiday destination for a number of reasons. To start with, its home to Canada's ...

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