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About Brazil

The word Brazil filled with the Brazilian flag

South America's largest country, occupying half of the entire continent, is the amazing Portuguese nation of Brazil. Gifted with privileged climate conditions, incomparable biodiversity, rare wildlife, dazzling shorelines and gigantic metropolises, Brazil is that one of a kind getaway destination that offers travellers anything and everything they may be looking for. Recognised for its people's love of life, where the sounds of samba and drumbeats fill the air and Brazilians dance their cares away, you are sure to encounter music and a feel-good atmosphere almost any time, any place. In fact Brazil's famous Carnaval, "the world's largest party", is a perfect example of what Brazil is all about – colourful, loud, bold and entertaining!

Brazil's borders are outlined by captivatingly beautiful destinations in themselves with Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana to its north; Colombia in the north-west; Uruguay to its south; and lastly Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia and Peru to the west. The eastern side of the country is where you'll find the waters of the Atlantic Ocean which help to cool off thousands of beach-lovers on a baking hot day.

Brazil is complete with exciting cities varying in many shapes and forms, each one offering something bigger and better than the next from nature-filled colonial towns such as Florianópolis, Manaus and Recife to large cosmopolitan cities like Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brasilia. Immigration over centuries has also enriched and influenced Brazilian culture with time so be sure to find diverse ethnic groups populating the majority of cities. Economically, Brazil is a powerful nation bursting with potential despite the contradictory existence of extreme poverty displayed for all to see in the country's characteristic favelas otherwise known as huge urban shanty towns. Nonetheless, the country's growing importance in the world was stamped when Brazil was selected host of the FIFA World Cup 2014 plus the 2016 Summer Olympics.

With a vast collection of attractions scattered from top to bottom, left and right, a holiday in Brazil is assured to keep you entertained no matter which part you travel to. Adventures are certainly one thing you won't find lacking here. Ever wished you could canoe along the Amazon River or trudge through the unique and wondrous Amazonian Rainforest? Perhaps you would fancy touring the Pantanal wetlands of Mato Grosso state or snorkelling crystalline rivers and coral reefs belonging to this treasure of a land. If you're craving a laid-back holiday where you can immerse your body in golden warms sands, take your pick from Brazil's countless pristine beaches for which it is most probably linked with starting with the pulsating Copacabana stretch in Rio de Janeiro to the fashionable and calming beaches of Natal in Rio Grande do Norte state.

Make it a priority to stand at the summit of Corcovado hill and visit Brazil's world-famous and most religious attraction – Cristo Redentor. You don't have to be religious to appreciate this majestic statue however, as its colossal size and graceful features are bound to make an impression on anyone. The country's capital, Brasilia, also holds one of Brazil's most iconic landmarks, another religious yet modern monument known as Cathedral of Brasilia. Brazil's old churches act as fine examples of Brazil's strong Roman Catholic beliefs and great museums are informative of Brazil's history, artistic excellence and many times architectural brilliance; its most excellent one being the São Paulo Museum of Art situated in Brazil's most prestigious street - Avenida Paulista. The historic towns dotted across the country, like that of Olinda, also an UNESCO World Heritage Site, are great little worlds where you can spend a couple of days exploring areas which almost appear to be frozen in time.

Bound to reserve a special place in your heart forever, Brazil really is just that, special.

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