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About England

The word England filled with the English flag

England is the kind of country everyone must visit at least once in their lives. It has everything from unspoiled landscapes to industrial booming cities, not to mention its capital, London, is one of the most talked about urban cities in Europe. England may not have the glorious sunshine and golden beaches of your average relaxing getaway destination but it most certainly gives its competitors a run for their money when it comes to the ultimate cultural getaway. England’s rich history of kings and queens, of battles and empires, commercial success, industrialisation and revolutionary-thinking make the country a leader in the tourism sector.

Sharing its borders with Scotland to the north and Wales to the west, England comprises the island of Great Britain which is part of the United Kingdom. England is surrounded by four seas (the Irish Sea, Celtic Sea, North Sea and the English Channel) and offers a blend of plain terrain in the south and gorgeous green uplands in the north where Lake District, the Pennines and the Yorkshire Dales are located. Towards the southwest, is where you will find the famous rolling hills of the Cotswalds. Any one of these locations is ideal for a hiking or adventure holiday and will place you bang in the centre of natural England. 

England is divided into 9 regions; London, South West England, South East England, East of England, West Midlands, East Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber, North West and finally North East England. Each district in England is then divided into different cities which range from highly urban and commercial areas like London city, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Leeds, Southampton, Nottingham, Sheffield and Bristol; to rural areas much like Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Essex, Kent, Norfolk, Somerset or Wiltshire.

Wherever you travel to in England you will discover an abundance of distinguished museums, art galleries and theatres to visit during your stay so that you can top up your knowledge on English culture. With tremendous success in the fashion industry, England also offers an impressive variety of shopping centres in almost every region. England’s oldest and most prestigious shopping centre is Harrods in Kensington, London, at times believed to be more of an attraction than just a shopping centre. 

Scattered all over the English land are the traces of a remarkable past. There are thousands of preserved monuments and landmarks filled with exciting stories overlapping centuries everywhere you go. One in particular dates back to prehistoric times; it is of course the mysterious stone circles at Stonehenge in Wiltshire which has been an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986. Another fine example is in the city of Bath, a World Heritage Site in itself, where you will find the glorious Roman Baths complex and spa containing the only existing natural hot water springs in the United Kingdom. Extraordinary examples of architectural excellence from different periods can also be found all around England although the majority of iconic attractions are concentrated in the London area. Some examples include Buckingham Palace, Palace of Westminster, Big Ben, the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral or the Tower Bridge of London. Several of England’s most famous museums are also found within buildings of striking architecture such as the National History Museum, the British Museum and the National Gallery. Among these historical monuments you will also find modern ones such as the outstanding London Eye or Tate Modern art gallery. 

This dynamic and versatile country is without a doubt the place to be for entertaining events day or night. Whether it’s a small-time event or an international event with a fantastic line-up of celebrities, there is always something going on in England. Popular annual events like the Glastonbury Music Festival, the Blackpool Illuminations, the London Marathon and the Trooping of the Colour attract hundreds of thousands of people annually. Smaller events which take place in small towns will normally celebrate local traditions and history.

One thing that you must do during your tour of England is sample English cuisine. It may not be refined but traditional English cooking is very satisfying! The caloric English Breakfast and fish n’ chips are two very popular meals in England that are worth trying. One of the beauties of England is its multicultural status so if you wish to step out of the realms of English food and sample something from the corners of Asia, the Mediterranean or the Middle-East you can do just that. You will find plenty of Chinese, Indian or Thai takeaways plus Italian eateries to tickle your taste buds. The English pub with its home-like atmosphere is also a great thing to visit and a great opportunity to speak with the locals.

If you are looking to travel to England, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to booking a hotel or other types of accommodation. They range from low priced, convenient hotels to some of the most luxurious and famous hotels in the world. Finding one that suits you or your budget will not be a difficult task. 


About England

England is the kind of country everyone must visit at least once in their lives. It has everything from unspoiled ...

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