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Photo collage with some attractions in Asia

Asia, the world's powerhouse in diversity, splendour and colour is a travel destination like no other and summarising the entire continent in just a few words is no easy task. Bursting with so many mind-blowing attractions and cities, many things that exist in Asia just have to be seen to be believed. Make Asia your next getaway destination and start your venture into the unknown, the unseen and the simply unheard of. An entire world of its own, Asia will open your mind along with all of your senses as you encounter unique beliefs, sounds, smells and flavours like never before!

Stretching across five regions, the Former Soviet Union, East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Southwest Asia, the Asian continent is the largest of all continents spanning over one third of the globe. From Russia to India, Israel to Mongolia or China to the United Arab Emirates all located on the mainland, Asia also encompasses groups of archipelagos and islands such as Japan and Taiwan (north Asia) in addition to Asia's most exotic and unparalleled natural beauties such as the Maldives (Indian Ocean), the Philippines, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand and Indonesia (southeast Asia). Comprising the highest point on earth located at mighty Mount Everest along the frontier of Nepal and Tibet to the lowest point in a salt lake between Israel and Jordan called the Dead Sea, astounding Asia is bounteous in some of the world's greatest extremes meaning if you're daring, curious and adventurous, this is the place for you!

In spite of the unfortunate fact that Asia still contains underdeveloped countries and much poverty in many areas, Asia also claims some of the most urbanized, hi-tech dependent and futuristic cities of the world such as Dubai, Tokyo and Hong Kong. If you're searching for excitement and brilliant lights, these are the cities you'll want to be in! However, in order to understand both sides of the continent, the good and the ugly, it's important to experience each one. Besides, it's in some of Asia's third-world countries where you'll come across some of the most extraordinary visions, sceneries and natural creations you'll ever get to see in your entire life!

With a location for any kind of holiday, whether it's that ultimate dreamy honeymoon on a secluded white-sanded beach to an out-of-this-world expedition of discovery and culture, Asia will only exceed all of your expectations. In fact Asia welcomes millions of culture-vultures and out of college travellers embarking on their first venture away from home each year. Some must-see attractions include the legendary Angkor temples and jungle monasteries of Cambodia entangled by giant grey tree roots or the historical Luang Phabang royal capital of an ancient 14-15th century kingdom in Laos where you'll find hundreds of robed monks living within exquisitely designed temples. For something grand, extravagant and simply perfect in terms of symmetry, there is nothing quite like standing at the forefront of Agra's timeless tourist cliché, the Taj Mahal in India. Vietnam's Ha Long Bay is undeniably a scenic gem showcasing incredible limestone rock formations, secret caves and grottoes and floating villages among emerald-coloured waters. If a challenge is on your bucket-list, the Great Wall of China, the world's longest artificial structure that stretches a whopping 2400km will no doubt be the trek of a lifetime...if you can manage to reach the end!

If you're hungry for a change from your typical holiday destination, then why not head to Asia? As the birthplace of almost all of the world's religions; as well as possessing some of the best cuisines, vibrant cultures, celebrated traditions and varied races; your choices and opportunities to learn about something new are endless. Explore the ancient, the mystical and the divine whichever part you travel to and prepare to be spellbound as Asia works its magic on you as it has done with millions before you for thousands of years.