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About Barcelona

Front view of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

Barcelona, a vivacious and remarkable city, is located in north-east Spain and is the capital of the autonomous region of Catalonia. It is the second largest city in Spain and port that lies on the Mediterranean Sea and is the main industrial and commercial centre of the Spanish continent which has surged into an economic rival in recent years. Its lands are fertile and mountainous and its coasts are sandy. A vastly popular city due to its diversity in all aspects of life as well as its easy-going community, Barcelona takes the top spot for the most visited destination in Spain, not only for holiday but also business purposes.

The city of Barcelona is a bold concoction of old and new buildings representing much of Barcelona’s history as well as Barcelona’s eagerness to become a modern and industrialized location. This can be easily detected in Barcelona’s old Gothic Quarter (old town) that is crossed by La Rambla, an energetic and popular street for designer clothes shopping and nightlife. Barcelona’s ‘old town’ comprises an eclectic mix of narrow streets and gothic style buildings in one part then wide open streets with art nouveau-styled buildings in another extended section. There are many amazing pieces of architecture spilled out along the streets of the Catalonian city and some are the most renowned structures in all of Europe. Barcelona’s most sought after attraction is without a doubt one of Antoni Gaudí’s creations, La Sagrada Familia Basilica, a notable piece of architecture that will shock you, astound you but mostly, impress you. In fact much of Barcelona is decorated with many of Gaudí’s masterpieces. Some examples are Casa Milá - an UNESCO World Heritage Site, Casa Batlló and the magical Park Guell which is an enormous demonstration of Gaudí’s imagination. Other important landmarks in Barcelona include the Church of San Pablo del Campo, the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia otherwise known as the Barcelona Cathedral, Montjuic hill, the Tibidabo Mountain and the unforgettable Montserrat Mountain which offers an ultimate religious experience.

Barcelona is also a typical family destination filled with plenty of interesting and cultural attractions to help inspire curiosity and imagination. Visit the CosmoCaixa science museum for a complete day of amazing interactive exhibitions which will teach you all you need to know about nature, the environment, science, space and astronomy. Away from science and closer to wildlife, you can take the family to the Barcelona Zoo and Aquarium Barcelona which will each offer a long day of entertainment. For adults there are many cultural institutions to keep you busy such as the Picasso Museum presenting work’s from the artist’s younger and older years; the University of Barcelona (1450), the Autonomous University of Barcelona (1968), the Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Ancient Art, the Museum of Modern Art and the Royal Archives of Aragón.

There is always something going on in Barcelona being another reason for why it entices thousands of visitors yearly. There are frequent music, dance and art events, for instance the Sonar Music Festival and the Grec Festival. Due to Barcelona’s deep Catholic beliefs which are in general for the whole of Spain, there are almost constant religious celebrations taking place such as the Festival of Saint John and Festa de la Mercé. The biggest event of all is Carnival. Like in much of Spain, Carnival time in Barcelona means plenty of parades, singing, dancing and fun and is a great time to visit the city. Barcelona is also known for being a gay-friendly city and invites thousands of people each year to its internationally known gay and lesbian event, the Circuit Festival.

Barcelona’s privileged location, its architecture, its history, its modernity, its events and the countless attractions it provides make it one of the most appealing cities to visit in Spain. It’s a trendy, buzzing and fashionable place to spend your holidays. If you have chosen Barcelona as your getaway location or maybe you’re heading to Barcelona for an educational or business trip, you can find a pleasing list of hotels to accommodate you during your stay plus hotels that will suit all pockets.

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