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About Nice

Nice, Harbour (Port)

The city of Nice in the Cote d’Azur, otherwise known as the French Riviera, is France’s fifth largest city and one of the most travelled to sea resorts in the Provence region. Once a highly exclusive location, Nice continues to be very much associated with luxury and wealth. It is the city where private yachts can be seen lined up one after another in its harbour or dotted all over the bay of which Nice is built around. It is a huge social scene and cultural centre and is divided into two areas which are separated by the Paillon stream; the new district where luxurious hotels are lined up and the old town full of historical ruins dating back to Roman times as well as the 17th Century.

One thing that attracts thousands of tourists to the flamboyant city that is Nice is its Mediterranean-like climate which guarantees holiday-makers great conditions for a perfect sunny getaway. Although its beach is anything but sandy, it does not deter tourists from passing hours topping up their tans whilst lying on its pebbles. Lining Nice’s seafront is a long boulevard and promenades that offer fantastic walking grounds; the most prominent being Promenade des Anglais where locals enjoy spending their free time cycling, skating, rollerblading, strolling and jogging. 

Apart from the great weather and vibrant colours of the city that once inspired many great artists, there are dozens of attractions in Nice for you to discover and many of them are free of charge so do take advantage of what you can. Visit Nice’s tranquil parks, green gardens, art galleries, historical museums and art museums of which two are greatly renowned; the Matisse Museum and the Musée National Marc Chagall. To add, there is the astonishing Russian Cathedral, a surprising find, and the Theatre de la Photgraphie et de l’Image which has a range of modern exhibitions. Take the chance to wander around the Cours Saleya Flower Market also which is filled with colourful flowers, fruits and spices. A must see attraction is Le Château, or more so, its location. Reserve some time to walk up to this enchanting site which will give you the chance to see the city of Nice from a different perspective. Don’t forget to take your camera! The view is amazing so you’ll want to take some photos to take back home with you. 

As well as attractions there are several entertaining annual events that you might want to experience. One of the best times to visit Nice is undoubtedly during the Mardi Gras Carnival period, a time of absolute fun and non-stop amusement day and night. If musical events are very much your style, get on over to Nice during the annual Musicalia event or Jazz Festival.

Nice is an overall exhilarating getaway destination. With a bit of everything needed to make a memorable holiday. With its amazing coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, enviable weather, great restaurants and cafés, shops, art, history and plenty to feast your eyes on, you certainly won’t be bored. Nice is not just a mere sea resort. Nice is the kind of place that will awaken you and leave you feeling refreshed and alive again.

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