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Events and Festivals in Mexico City

Cinco de Mayo Parade

Mexico City Festival

Downtown, in the Historic Centre of Mexico City is where you can participate in one of the capital's most energetic festivals celebrating art and culture at its best. During two weeks of the month of April, the Festival de México promises an array of cultural features from opera to concerts, theatre, art exhibitions, dance performances and even a gourmet fare that will most definitely tempt your tastebuds. Join the million or so local and international visitors that meet in the city and help raise money towards the increasingly important restoration of the Historic Centre's architecture.


Mexico City Alebrije Parade

Arranged by the city's Popular Art Museum, the Mexico City Alebrije Parade is a vibrant parade celebrating Mexican handcrafts and folk art. Held on a Saturday in late October, the parade features dozens of artistic creations in the form of giant fantastical creatures described as "alebrijes". Assisiting these creatures throughout this carnival-like parade are musicians, Symphonic bands, clowns, acrobats, lucha libre wrestlers and people dressed in entertaining costumes. The parade will take you through Mexico City's historic centre starting at Zocalo plaza to the Paseo de la Reforma down to the Angel de la Independencia monument.


Dia de la Independencia

One of Mexico's most important celebrations is Dia de la Independencia or Independence Day which occurs annually on September 16; commemorating its independence from Spain. Some festivities however, commence on the evening of September 15 when the president of Mexico traditionally shouts "Viva Mexico" during a televised event from the National Palace. From here on, Mexicans can be heard shouting "Viva!" to one another throughout the celebrations. The Zocalo plaza comes alive during the two days in addition to other revolutionary Colonial centres, although fietas and a buzzing atmosphere are found nationwide.


Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe

Probably one of Mexico's most important religious festivals is the celebration honouring the Virgin of Guadalupe. This is the day pilgrims from across Mexico unite at the famous Basilica of Mexico City and witness the image of Mary on display within it. This special event consists in a series of special masses, processions, parades, live concerts and fireworks.

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