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About London

The London Eye in London

Where does a person begin when talking about one of the greatest capitals of the world? Overflowing with longstanding iconic emblems of the United Kingdom, timeless streets and architecture, stress-free parks in the middle of an urban metropolis, world-class history museums, prestigious art galleries, countless designer shops, raw British culture mixed with diverse cultures from across continents and a thriving social scene, London is the centre point for almost everything the United Kingdom is most known for. Not only is the city of London England's capital with a population of over 8 million people, it is an authentic representation of grandeur as well as containing some of England's harshest and busiest areas.

Nick-named the British capital, London is constantly in the spotlight for a number of reasons ranging from political, economic to cultural along with media attention given to the British Royal Family. London is also a mega business centre and annually serves as a meeting point for thousands of business entrepreneurs from all corners of the globe as this capital city serves as an important location for international business conventions and conferences.

London is most famous for boasting dozens of remarkable tourist attractions and therefore offers a vast selection of exciting things to see and do during your time in this electric capital. You can witness British extravagance at its most extreme by visiting the home of the British monarchy which is of course Buckingham Palace. Attend a high-status event such as the Trooping of the Colour and observe an entire display of British traditions, wealth and prestige. There are so many must-see attractions in London and the best way to discover and explore them is on a sightseeing tour around the capital and what better way to tour this magnificent city than on an iconic double-decker bus! Visit the intimidating Houses of Parliament and the literally Big, Big Ben clock tower, the beautiful Tower Bridge London, St Paul's Cathedral as well as Westminster Abbey. Not only will you be in awe at London's old architecture, its most modern constructions will astound too. Ground-breaking architecture and creative buildings such as the famous Gherkin (St Mary Axe), London City hall, One New Change, 10 Gresham St, The Shard (the Shard of Glass), City Point, Heron tower, 20 Fenchurch St and Moor House among others, all rip London's skyline and attract millions of people each year.

Events in London are almost constant. It doesn't matter when you go to London, there is always something going on somewhere ranging from small time events to globally recognised events. As London is greatly multicultural, you should expect to find events celebrating the culture and traditions of other countries and not just of England, for example the colourful Chinese New Year festival or Notting Hill Carnival. Many sporting events see significant numbers of people from all over the world go to London as to get in on the action too such as Wimbledon or the London Marathon. Hugely anticipated and star-studded events such as the internationally known London Fashion Week or London's Film festival are two of the city's biggest and lucrative events. Other exciting events in the capital which unite Londoners with others from all over the country are the Mayor's Thames Festival, London Pride or the highly acclaimed flower show in the world, the Chelsea Flower Show.

Lining the streets of London's most prestigious and expensive districts such as Chelsea, Kensington, Knightsbridge and Covent Garden are great shops, illustrious shopping centres like that of Harrods, chic restaurants and top-rated hotels. London's markets are also great places for tourists and you can find them in lots of London's less expensive areas. Each market offers you the opportunity to find a bargain whether it's fruit and vegetables, clothes or antique goods you're interested in. Some popular markets include New Covent Garden Market in Nine Elms, Borough Market just south of London Bridge, Bermondsey Market located on Tower Bridge Road, Brick Lane Market on Cheshire Street in East London or Piccadilly Market held in the courtyard of St. James's Church in Piccadilly. There are literally dozens of markets spread out all over London and many of them have been in existence for centuries. London's West End, situated in central London, is also a hit with visitors to the capital as you'll find major tourist attractions, shops and businesses, however the West End, most often called 'Theatreland' is where you will find the United Kingdom's most acclaimed entertainment venues specialising in theatre, arts, comedy and musicals. In some theatres you will find long-running shows like Les Misérables, The Phantom of the Opera, The Woman in Black, Mamma Mia!, The Lion King, We Will Rock You and Oliver!

Loud and at times chaotic, London may not be everyone's cup of tea but it is not by chance that it is stated as one of the best cities to travel to. In fact it's hard to find another city that matches all that London has to offer. All that awaits you now is to visit England's captivating capital for yourself and delve in all its magnificence. London is waiting for you!

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