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About Thailand

The title Thailand filled with the Thailand flag

Thailand is an astonishing and pleasing combination of contrasts which means there is no chance of ever having a dull moment during your travels here. You name it, Thailand has it and many would even say that it dominates in terms of what it offers in comparison to other countries worldwide that promote similar holiday types. Here you'll find a destination to satisfy backpackers, families, newlyweds, or adventurers. It's no wonder Thailand is one of the most travelled to countries of the Asian continent!

Situated in Southeast Asia, Thailand is bordered by Burma and Laos in the north; Cambodia towards the east; Malaysia and the Gulf of Thailand to the south; and kissed by the shimmering Andaman Sea to its west. With over 65 million people, Thailand is the 20th-most-populous country on the planet; geographically, it is the 51st largest country. Chinese, Burmese and Indian immigrant communities also constitute Thailand's population and have influenced the country in many aspects over hundreds of years adding to its already vibrant and wealthy culture. Although Thais generally lead simple lifestyles, Thailand is considered as being, in the most part, well developed and a newly industrialized country offering more and more to holidaymakers.

With exotic beaches like on the islands of Ko Phi Phi, Phuket and Phang Nga Bay to deep flourishing forests and jungles, Thailand's greatest feature is without a shadow of doubt its timeless natural habitats. Emerald as well as clear blue seas, soothing white sands, rainbow-coloured coral reefs, the greenest of landscapes, rolling mountains and a distinct wildlife and marine life are what comprise Thailand's most attractive highlights and are the main reason why millions of tourists head towards this Asian gem each year.

On the other hand, Thailand is also characterized by its concrete jungles. Bangkok, Thailand's world famous capital is a city of flashing lights and evermore skyscrapers. Rush hour is almost constant on Bangkok's roads seriously packed with Tuk-Tuks, mopeds and fast cars on every turn; and its sidewalks are layered with street vendors selling souvenirs, bargains and Thai delicacies which fill the air with all kinds of alluring aromas. Thailand's old provinces are also not to be underestimated. Regions such as Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya or Sukhothai are amazing and almost inspirational locations offering some of the most exquisite landmarks and centuries-old attractions that will make you wonder "just how did they do that?". What will most impress you are the religious attractions laden with minute details, astonishing precision and the valuable materials incorporated within them like marble, gold and gem stones.

As you begin your visit in Thailand, no matter which city you're in, you will almost immediately become aware of the importance of religion and spirituality in Thai culture. Not only do the country's endless number of temples and Buddha statues give you a massive hint of this, but also the fact that there is always some sort of event or spiritual celebration taking place. Some events are wild and seem completely outrageous to the western world such as the Vegetarian or Tattoo Festivals whilst others involve beautiful processions or demonstrate Thai creativity.

Thailand is a truly magical land with so much to explore and seduce a person. Enjoy some of the most simple and natural things life has to offer during your visit and remember to be open-minded; Thailand will undoubtedly bring you face to face with something crazy new.