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Events and Festivals in Argentina

Tilcara Carnival Festival


Carnival time which takes place during the month of February or sometimes March is a time for parties, flashy costumes, fancy dress, large parades, dancing, loud music, and overall fun and smiley faces. Carnival is mostly celebrated across the entire country although some regions know how to do it better than others. For the best Carnival celebrations head to Corrientes or Gualeguaychu in the El Litoral Region, La Chaya in West Argentina and Santiago del Estero in the North. You won't be disappointed!


Tilcara Carnival Festival

The Tilcara Carnival Festival is a nine day event held in Tilcara, northern Argentina, during the months of January or February when Lent is approaching. It is a time when villagers of the city thank and praise the earth for all it has provided them with during the past year. Ancient religious beliefs, myths, euphoric chanting and native dancing constitute this eccentric and colourful festival which is highly anticipated by the town's people. Ceremonies are centred around the digging up of a makeshift dummy used to represent the devil who is unleashed during the wild Carnival celebrations, a time believed to bring out the bad in people. The devil, according to ancient beliefs, also symbolises the sun which is the force that fertilizes the soil. The ceremonies end with the burial of the "devil" in the ground along with offerings made to Mother Earth like food, coca leaves, cigarettes, flowers, spices and beer.


Buenos Aires Tango Festival

If you are passionate about Argentina's much loved Tango or are just curious about it then one of the best times to experience this traditional fiery dance is during the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in the month of February. People from across read more...


Independence Day

One of the most important days of the year in Argentina is Independence Day which celebrates the country's independence from Spain dating back to July 9 in 1816. This annual event is marked by nationwide festivities whereby Argentine families and patriarchs join together, attend public parties with live music and entertainment and enjoy a traditional sweet called churro with chocolate filling served by cafés along most city streets throughout the country.


Fiesta Nacional de la Nieve

Bariloche, during the month of August, enjoys a ten day event known as Fiesta Nacional de la Nieve or National Snow Festival which is a splendid event for ski lovers. Held in the region since 1970, the event maintains its traditional activities such as waiter's race, the loggers contest and the torch down the hill but centres around national and international skiing competitions. During the event are fun folk festivals, parades with floats, "Queen of the Snow" elections, aerobatic displays, craft shows, car racing contests along with special exhibitions. All is topped off with fantastic firework displays that dazzle in the night sky.


Semana Musical Llao Llao

The Semana Musical Llao Llao is a classical music festival held in September in the scenic city of Bariloche. This brilliant celebration of classical music attracts thousands to the region each year looking to attend musical concerts and listen to some of the best musicians from across the globe as they put on a show of magnificent solo and ensemble performances.


Oktoberfest Argentina

Oktoberfest Argentina takes place near Córdoba in Villa General Belgrano during the first couple of weeks of October. This festival, much like all Oktoberfests, celebrates the German culture of the region whilst enjoying traditional German delicacies and of course beer.


San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Festival

San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Festival otherwise known as Dia de la Tradición is definitely an event for the entire family. Gaucho or cowboy in English is the theme of this festival that has been celebrated in the town of San Antonio de Areco in Buenos Aires since the mid-1900s. Taking place in Parque Criollo this read more...

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