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Events and Festivals in Buenos Aires

Tango dance in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires Tango Festival

If you are passionate about Argentina's much loved Tango or are just curious about it then one of the best times to experience this traditional fiery dance is during the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in the month of February. People from across Argentina join together to celebrate this world renowned dance form and attend Tango concerts and exhibitions, watch public dance-offs and dance performances, and participate in other events dedicated to this significant part of Argentine culture. Why not even try learning some moves yourself in a special dance class available during the month's festivities. There is no other Tango festival like this one in the world so do not miss it!


Buenos Aires Fashion Week

One of the most glamorous events of the year is the Buenos Aires Fashion Week. Showcasing collections of top-tier Argentine designers Fashion Week actually takes place twice a year, once in February featuring autumn and winter collections and August which is dedicated to spring and summer collections. Top off this high profile event in the most fashionable way by mingling with designers and models at the fashion week after party and sipping on a glass of champagne.


Buenos Aires International Independent Film

The Buenos Aires International Independent Film is an annual 10-day event held in mid-April that has grown in popularity during recent years. Had it not been for events much like this one Argentine film would not have come to the attention of European audiences as much as it has. Acting as a forum for showcasing the works of international non-Hollywood films as well as films of local film directors and producers, the event counts on the attendance of well-known filmmakers and celebrity actors that also attend other big-time events such as Cannes or Berlin film festival.


Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair

For a spot of culture during your holiday the Buenos Aires Contemporary Art Fair brings quality contemporary artworks for all to see in Argentina's capital during late May.


Buenos Aires Gay Parade

Known as one of the most gay-friendly cities in all of South America with a large gay community, Buenos Aires' Gay Parade is a huge celebration of freedom, gay rights and self-expression. Usually held annually on the first Saturday of November, the Buenos Aires Gay Parade features large colourful parades and festivities jam-packed with lots of music, fancy costumes and drag queens.


San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Festival

San Antonio de Areco Gaucho Festival otherwise known as Dia de la Tradición is definitely an event for the entire family. Gaucho or cowboy in English is the theme of this festival that has been celebrated in the town of San Antonio de Areco in Buenos Aires since the mid-1900s. Taking place in Parque Criollo this large scale country fair invites Gauchos of all ages to take part in rodeos whereby young horses are secured to a post, blindfolded and provoked until they reach a fiery temperament to then be mounted and let loose – the aim is for the Gaucho to stay on the bucking horse as long as possible. The impressive skills of the Gauchos and strength of the horses are remarkable to watch and make for plenty of entertainment that will get crowds cheering. During this annual event, held during one week in early November, you can enjoy Criolla-style barbecues; enjoy a traditional Argentine steak and a big bonfire lit to end the festival.


Argentine Open Polo Championships

This high-society sporting event and highlight of the Argentine calendar is known to be the world's largest and most significant polo tournament. It boasts the attendance of the British royal family who are avid polo players themselves among other high status crowds also. If you enjoy a good game of polo this is a major event involving the best polo players from across the globe you won't want to let pass you by. So if you happen to be in the Palermo region of Buenos Aires in late November to early December make this classy event a must-attend!

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Events and Festivals in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Tango Festival If you are passionate about Argentina's much loved Tango or are just curious about it then ...