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Attractions and things to do in Toronto

Toronto's Yonge-Dundas Square

Stand at the top of CN Tower

A person cannot go to Toronto without checking out its most prominent and defining landmark, the CN Tower. This signature icon stands 553.33 metres high in Toronto's skyline and is a concrete telecommunications centre and observation tower which once held the title as the world's tallest freestanding structure and tower until 2010. The top of the tower offers separate floors where you can test your fear of heights at different levels.

The lowest level, Glass Floor, will have you walking on a glass floor 2.5 inches thick and yes, provide you with a wonderful view straight down at the city below; a distance of approximately 342 m! The next floor, LookOut, at 346 m will you have you adoring breathtaking views over the city of Toronto and further out. Enjoy a delicious meal at the revolving Horizons Restaurant also on this floor. The Sky Pod is located a further 33 storeys above the main section of the CN Tower at will take you 447 m off the ground. From here, you can appreciate 360º views over the whole of Toronto. A clear day will have you looking out over 160 km of terrain and even Niagara Falls or Rochester in New York! A new highlight of the CN Tower experience, known as the EdgeWalk, is one that is definitely for the dare devils among us and involves being tied to a rail and walking hands-free in a full circle around the outside of the Tower's main pod at 356 m off the ground.


Ontario Science Centre

Fuel your knowledge whilst in Canada by visiting the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, built beside the Don River, which features hundreds of interactive and passive exhibits packed throughout three main buildings. Covering different areas such as geology, the science of nature, astronomy science, how to play music, technology, human anatomy, and communication there is something to attract every person, young or old. You can also journey through the brilliant planetarium and witness rocks from up above; specifically from Mars and the Moon. The Ontario Science Centre also features the largest outdoor hydraulophone which also acts as a fountain which is accessible round the clock for you to check out and play for yourself!


Toronto Eaton Centre

Open since 1977 in downtown Toronto, the Toronto Eaton Centre is the largest shopping mall in Canada and one of the most popular shopping destinations on the North American continent. Visited by millions each year, many are attracted to Eaton Centre not only for the shopping but also for its brilliant architecture both inside and out along with its culture and urban atmosphere. This premier shopping centre found in the heart of the city, contains some 330 stores and services and is served by Dundas and Queen Subway station which means getting there is simple. Said to contain everything a person would ever need, spend an entire day exploring all the high class stores and regular boutiques imaginable, watching a movie in its multiplex cinema or sampling tasty cuisine in the great selection of eateries on offer. It's an attraction that will please the entire family!


Thrills and chills at Canada's Wonderland

Spend the all-time perfect day out with the family at Canada's Wonderland just north of Toronto in Vaughan. Open between May and September and weekends in October, this world-class attraction is Canada's oldest major theme park and continues to be its largest. Devote hours to riding all 16 of Wonderland's rollercoasters including the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Canada – the gigantic Leviathan which will definitely get your heart racing with its successive high climbs and frightening drops! There are a further 68 thrilling rides for you and your family to ride as many times as you please. Canada's Wonderland also features highlights like White Water Canyon and Splash Works waterparks; Dinosaurs Alive!, a walk through dinosaur exhibit containing 40 life-sized dinosaur replicas; and fun areas for children such as Kidzville, Zoom Zone and Planet Scoopy each containing rides and adventures suitable for the younger ones. At the entrance of this exciting theme park, designated International Street, you will discover a wide selection of souvenir shops, clothing stores, restaurants and stores to satisfy a sweet tooth! If you love to get the adrenaline juices pumping, Canada's Wonderland is for you!


Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum is North America's most notable museums dedicated to world culture and natural history. This huge attraction attracts over a million visitors a year and is located within the University of Toronto district; maintaining an important connection with the university offering expertise and vital resources for professors and students. Explore the millions of items and artefacts on display found among forty different galleries which include superb collections of dinosaurs, minerals, meteorites, European and Canadian history in addition to Art belonging to Africa and Eastern Asia among other cultures. You will also find thrilling life and Earth science collections, and Canadiana collections.


Take the family to Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is an exciting attraction to visit for all ages and is a whirlpool of zoogeographic regions including Indo-Malaysian, African, American, Tundra Trek, Australasian, Eurasian, and the Canadian Domain. Covering 710 acres, Toronto Zoo is the largest Zoo in Canada and displays over 5000 animals in indoor and outdoor settings that recreate the animals' naturalistic environments. With over 450 species, you can expect to find a whole array of big and small animals including popular invertebrates and fish. Some of the zoo's most observed animals are the zoo's most dangerous or largest animals such as the elephant, hippos, giraffes, baboons, grizzly bears, monkeys, rhinos, crocodiles and snakes, plus you can also feast your eyes on beautiful snow leopards, lions, jaguars, and tigers which the kids will be amazed by. During your visit you will find a wide variety of remarkable exhibits and areas like the Kids Zoo, Waterside Theatre and Splash Island.


Casa Loma – A modern day Camelot

It wouldn't seem probable to visitors heading to Toronto that they would be able to see a modern day Camelot gracing the urban city but actually there is and it stands in the form of Casa Loma. This eye-catching gothic style landmark, completed in 1914, and once owned by Henry and Lady Pellatt is a castle of 98 rooms, tall ceilings, secret passageways, an underground tunnel, five acres of gardens, stables, extraordinary views and the list can go on for a while! Why a couple would need such a large residence is beyond any understanding but the reality is that its owner was a dreamer and wanted to create something that resembled legends of the past where he could display his art and antique collections from Canada and across the globe. Thankfully, Henry Pellatt's creation is today ours to marvel at. After a financial collapse, the castle was put up for sale and opened to the public as a museum so make sure to add Casa Loma to your list of attractions to see during your trip.


Bata Shoe Museum

If you are shoe person, you're going to love Bata Shoe Museum! If you're not, you will at least be intrigued to see what's inside. Almost unique in its kind, making it unusual but at the same time fascinating, Bata Shoe Museum dedicates itself to the collection, research, preservation and exhibition of footwear. The thing is, however, the footwear this museum displays isn't just any old pair of shoes found lurking in a dusty closet. Expect to find a range of over 10,000 shoes from all cultures of the globe which represent the fashion trends of each era as far back as 4,500 years ago. In addition, you can find wonderful collections of real celebrity shoes, for instance Queen Victoria's ballroom slippers, Elton John's platform boots, Terry Fox's running shoes, John Lennon's Beatle boot, Pablo Picasso's zebra boot, Princess Diana's blue shoes and patent loafers once belonging to the King of Rock 'n Roll himself, Elvis Presley. Divided into four principal exhibits you will find the Bata Shoe Museum both attention-grabbing and educational in its own way. Don't miss the opportunity to visit if you happen to be in downtown Toronto!


Downtown's Kensington Market

When in downtown Toronto, there is no excuse not to visit Kensington Market during your travels. This important National Historical Site of Canada is the city's most well-known multicultural district and market area that has a deep-rooted history and close-knit community. Find notable landmarks to appreciate such as Bellevue Square Park or Tom's Place before you explore the many independent shops, boutiques and flea markets loaded with bargains. Indulge yourself in homey restaurants and cool cafés where you can sample a little bit of everything from every corner of the globe, a result of the area's ethnic diversity. Kensington Market is a great place for a day of strolling around vibrant streets decorated with artistic graffiti, as you take in the sights and sounds of your surroundings at your own pace stopping only to buy souvenirs or delight yourself with tasty cuisine.


High Park

High Park is a beautiful 400 acre municipal park that acts as an escape from the hustle and bustle of Toronto's city, much like Manhattan's Central Park. It's a huge recreational area and natural park crammed with sporting, cultural and educational facilities; gardens, playing areas and even a zoo where visitors are invited to pet animals. It's the perfect area for strolling or picnicking amid green landscapes, or letting kids runs freely. You can easily spend hours of your day walking through special trails, taking photos or cycling and in the winter time, cross country skiing, toboganning, sledding or playing ice hockey in an artificial ice rink that is mounted yearly. To help get you around the park in order for you to be able to see all of the park's attractions, a trackless train ride that circles the entire park is available. This alone is a highlight in itself!

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