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Attractions and things to do in Ontario

Lions resting in African Lion Safari, Ontario, Canada

Experience Niagara Falls to the max!

Spanning through thousands of feet of the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York is the glorious spectacle that is Niagara Falls. This colossal wonder is a beautiful representation of natural beauty and is made up of three different waterfalls. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls located on the Canadian side of the border which is 2600 ft wide, 167 ft high gushing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per second down its falls.

Located on the New York side of the border is American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls, each one visible from the Canadian border also. If just looking at Niagara Falls from the different viewpoints located around the area isn't enough for you, then why not get up close and personal with the Falls by taking a boat tour on the legendary Maid of the Mist. The tour will have you experiencing the immense power of the plummeting water as it crashes to the bottom as well as getting you nice and wet from the resulting mist cloud. But don't worry; the boat will supply you with an ever so elegant poncho for some protection although extra rain gear is recommended especially during cold seasons! Other highlights of this magnificent attraction include taking the cable car over the gorge or getting even wetter on the popular Cave of the Winds tour at Bridal Veils Falls described by many as a pure adrenalin rush and will have you getting as close as anyone can get to the Falls without being in danger. One of the best time to view Niagara Falls is at night when it is illuminated by a variety of colourful lights.


Stand at the top of CN Tower

A person cannot go to Toronto without checking out its most prominent and defining landmark, the CN Tower. This signature icon stands 553.33 metres high in Toronto's skyline and is a concrete telecommunications centre and observation tower which once held the title as the world's tallest freestanding structure and tower until 2010. The top of the tower offers separate floors where you can test your fear of heights read more...


Tour Toronto

Located on Lake Ontario is Canada's financial and cultural centre, Toronto. This must-visit city has developed and refined itself over the past few decades spiralling into the metropolitan city it is today complete with entertaining attractions such as the eminent CN Tower, Casa Loma, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Ontario Place, Toronto City Hall, Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Aerospace Museum. For things to do, Toronto will certainly not leave you disappointed. The best way to get to know the city is to let yourself adventure up and down the many streets that exist in Toronto's downtown area as well as outer districts. Despite being an industrialized city, you can expect to find streams and rivers still flowing through the city plus natural environments like Edwards Gardens and Toronto Botanical Gardens. You will also come across popular beaches and big shopping malls offering great shopping opportunities. Wander through the various parts of Toronto occupied by diverse ethnic communities - Little Italy/Portugal Village, Chinatown, Little India or Koreatown. Have an awesome family day-out at the nations greatest amusement park called Canada's Wonderland, just a short distance from Toronto, and open from May to October. If you fancy getting out of the city, take a short ferry ride to Toronto's Islands which are perfect for some of hours of cycling, walking, picnicking and overall chilling out whilst gazing upon the gorgeous skyline.


Scale the Sleeping Giant near Thunder Bay

Situated on the Sibley Peninsula on Lake Superior is one of the seven wonders of Canada but you must be careful not to wake him up! The Sleeping Giant is a formation of elevated lands with flat tops and sills that when observed from the right angle resembles the body of a giant lying down. Given the name of Nanabijou, the mysterious "Giant" is a stunning location containing some of the most dramatic and highest cliffs in Ontario. It is also part of the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, a well-known recreational area known for its hiking trails, canoeing opportunities, bicycle routes and camping areas which will all have you venturing through sheer natural beauty. One of the best trails includes climbing up to the top of the Sleeping Giant which will offer you splendid views that run out for miles across Lake Superior and the rest of the mountain. There are two principal trails that you can follow to the top of the Giant but they are certainly not for vertigo sufferers as they will get you pretty close to the edge! Climb rocky ridges; enjoy luscious green scenery and more than 100 species of birds including the Magnolia Warbler, Winter Wren, Black-capped Chickadee, and Swainson's Thrush. A majestic and highly recommended destination for all nature lovers!


Explore Tobermory – Underwater worlds and shipwrecks

If you love underwater adventures, there is nothing quite like exploring the mysteries of what lie beneath the ocean. Tobermory in Northern Bruce Peninsula is famous for its Fathom Five National Marina Park where you'll find fresh water ecosystems and an array of shipwrecks and lighthouses to discover dotted around the 19 archipelagos that make up the area. This excellent destination is perfect for novice divers and snorkelers along with those passionate about diving. With 20 historic shipwrecks including magnificent schooners, steamers, motor ships, steam tugs, tankers and anchors, divers are allowed to roam the remains lying in the clear cold waters. Apart from shipwrecks there are other hidden secrets to explore. From submerged forests, canyons, underwater waterfalls, cliffs, limestone overhangs and large caves, diver enthusiasts will have an absolute field day! If you don't like getting wet, however, you can always take the glass bottom boat tour which allows you to check out shipwrecks and other treats in store! If you fancy doing something different this is the thing to sign up for!


Lake Ontario – A photographer's paradise!

As one of the five Great Lakes of central North America, Lake Ontario, the smallest of them all, is an extraordinary bed of water nuzzled between Ontario and New York of the United States. Located on its shoreline are the cities of Toronto, Rochester and Hamilton. This popular destination is filled with seasonal recreational activities ensuring you won't be left without anything to do during your visit. From sailing to kayaking and canoeing in its waters, to participating in fun beach activities, or hiking and cycling around its borders, Lake Ontario is one of the best outdoor destinations the province has to offer. During your tour around the Lake, whether you're driving or venturing on foot, stop to capture exquisite scenery, spectacular wildlife, natural parks and colourful sunsets that will undoubtedly please the eye.


Ontario Science Centre

Fuel your knowledge whilst in Canada by visiting the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto, built beside the Don River, which features hundreds of interactive and passive exhibits packed throughout three main buildings. Covering different areas such as read more... 


1000 Islands Skydeck

Breathtaking views as far as the eye can see is what the 1000 Islands Skydeck has in store for you. Enjoy panoramic views across the scattered Thousand Islands – an archipelago in the St Lawrence River made up of 1,864 individual islands, the smallest only a few feet long! Make your way up this 400ft observation tower located on Hill Island, where you will find three separate levels where you can soak in the views and take some memorable pictures. As you reach the very top (by outdoor stairs or indoor elevator) you will be amazed by the quantity of colours on show throughout the islands. It's a true spectacle of flaming oranges, burning reds, and subtle yellows intertwined with vigorous greens. From the Skydeck not only will you be able to see the Thousand Islands laid out before you, you will overlook bridges, small castles and luxury homes.


Ottawa – The Canadian Capital

South-east Ontario is where you'll find Canada's capital city, Ottawa. It is the country's political nucleus and a commercial and manufacturing base abundant in historical sites waiting to be appreciated like the Confederation Square, Central Chambers, the Central Experimental Farm, Château Laurier and the striking Parliament buildings of Parliament Hill overlooking the Ottawa River. Settled on the south bank of the Ottawa River, the city is bordered by Gatineau and Québec. Being the capital, it is host of some of the best pieces of architecture in Canada which are mainly formalistic to suit the political nature of the city contrasted by wacky structures like the gigantic Maman spider statue outside the National Gallery of Canada. Discover the dozens of museums all over Ottawa which will fill several days of your touring the area. Visit attractions like the Canadian War Museum, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, the Canada Science and Technology Museum, the Portrait Gallery of Canada and the most visited museum in Canada called the Canadian Museum of Civilization which houses the Canadian Children's and Postal Museum, and a 3D IMAX theatre. Also a cultural hub, expect to find important happenings throughout the year ranging from cultural to sports events.


Go wild at African Lion Safari

Ever fancied doing a Safari through Africa's wilderness? Well, it may not be the real deal but Ontario's African Lion Safari is not too far off. Set within a 740 acres safari park in Flamborough, Hamilton, 100 km west of Toronto, the African Lion Safari is a tremendous attraction and landmark where over 100 different species wander freely within seven contained game reserves. In the comfort of your own car, visitors are invited to drive around the reserves and come face to face with nature's most beautiful and colourful creatures, big and small, like elephants, rhinos, lions, lioness' and their cubs, zebras, bison, cheetahs, giraffes, watusi, wallabies, monkeys, lemurs, and so much more. Out of the car and on foot through naturalised viewing areas, you can have fun watching animals taking a bath or a swim, watch animal and bird shows, stroll through exhibits and explore the various aviaries containing bald eagles, parrots and falcons. You won't be disappointed you came!

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