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Attractions and things to do in Canada

Niagara Falls in Canada

Visit the majestic Niagara Falls

Spanning through thousands of feet of the border between Ontario, Canada, and New York is the glorious spectacle that is Niagara Falls. This colossal wonder is a beautiful representation of natural beauty and is made up of three different waterfalls. The largest of the three is Horseshoe Falls located on the Canadian side of the border which is 2600 ft wide, 167 ft high gushing hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per second down its falls read more...


Stand at the top of CN Tower

A person cannot go to Toronto without checking out its most prominent and defining landmark, the CN Tower. This signature icon stands 553.33 metres high in Toronto's skyline and is a concrete telecommunications centre and observation tower which once held the title as the world's tallest freestanding structure and tower until 2010 read more...


Tour Toronto

This must-visit city has developed and refined itself over the past few decades spiralling into the metropolitan city it is today complete with entertaining attractions such as the eminent CN Tower, Casa Loma, the Hockey Hall of Fame, Black Creek Pioneer Village, Ontario Place, Toronto City Hall, Toronto Zoo and the Toronto Aerospace Museum read more...

Trek Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park of British Columbia is a spectacular vision and attraction ideal for experienced hikers, skiers and mountaineers looking for some thrills. Despite its beauty, this natural treasure is a combination of deadly climatic conditions and wildlife. It is known for its heavy snowfall, avalanches, dense forests and big grizzly bears so there is nothing tame about this ironically serene park where snow-capped mountain are picturesquely reflected on the calm waters of its lakes producing magnificent mirror images. The Glacier Park offers a unique backcountry experience and will have you trekking through harsh terrains and get your blood pumping as you come face to face with natural threats which are a high possibility in this area. Encompassing over 1300-sq-km of land including a portion of the Columbia Mountains, the Glacier Park boasts high peaks, valleys, canyons, rivers, over 130 active glaciers and one of Canada's largest cave systems. Take the opportunity to trek along Rogers Pass National Historic Site of Canada which is a high mountain pass located in the heart of Glacier Park and most popular among tourists due to the activities which can be experienced here such as ski mountaineering, camping, hiking and mountain climbing. It also contains the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre in addition to accommodation.


Get lost in West Edmonton Mall

For shopping lovers there is nothing more satisfying than wandering through hundreds of shops in one of the biggest shopping centres of the world. The West Edmonton Mall in the Alberta province is the largest mall of its kind in the North American continent and encloses over 800 shops, an indoor amusement park (Galaxyland), an indoor waterpark (World Waterpark), an indoor lake with sea lions, an ice rink (Ice Palace), a miniature golf course, a shooting range, movie theatres, a recreational centre with bowling alley, pool hall, music stage and arcade in addition to lots of other interesting attractions plus nightclubs, restaurants and even accommodation! What is it that a person cannot do here is the question! It's literally an attraction you can visit several times during your holiday and one the entire family will ask to go to again and again as there is something to entertain everybody for hours on end. Don't miss it!


Visit French Québec

Head towards French Canada in Québec and experience an entirely different world that has very little to do with the rest of the country and the North American continent as a whole. Beautiful Quebec is one of its kind as it is set apart by its official French language, its preservation of Francophone culture, French-based cuisine and European history. Its three largest and most well-known cities are Montreal, Québec City and Gatineau, any of which are great cultural destinations ranging from lively and upbeat to calm and tranquil. If you don't know which part to head to in Québec, then put its capital, Québec City, at the top of your list. It's charming, elegant and loaded with history which is the main reason for it being such a popular area. Québec City's entire Old Town is even claimed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most searched for districts in Québec offering hundreds of historical and architectural points of interest plus great "photo moments". Quebec is ample with natural parks ranging from small parks to huge territories, gardens and also has a waterfall of its own that is taller than the stunning Niagara Falls known as Montmorency Falls. If you fancy experiencing a little bit of France in North America, there's no place Québec.


Visit the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies is one of those places best described as a paradise or even a little bit of heaven on earth. For many, the Rocky Mountains which stretch almost 5000 km from the north of British Columba, Canada, all the way down to New Mexico in the US are a source of tranquillity that helps to recharge a person's batteries. This place will get all your senses going and even help revive them. Fresh air, natural smells, scenic mountains, the sound of silence only broken by the chirping of birds; what could be better to help you get in touch with your inner self? The Canadian Rockies is a huge tourist destination with plenty of recreational opportunities particularly mountaineering, hiking, camping, hunting, mountain biking, snowboarding and skiing for which it is most searched for. This Canadian natural landmark in the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta are famous for being home to Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Kootenay National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park and Yoho National Park. The most visited of the parks is Banff Park, an UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with stunning landscapes, spectacular reflections in smooth lakes, wonderful wildlife as well as world-class hotels and restaurants in close proximity so you can sleep and eat in style whilst remaining close to nature.


Enjoy the Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy, another one of Canada's natural beauties, is located between the provinces of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. The Bay of Fundy, a 270km long ocean bay, is famous for offering some of the highest tides in the world and incredibly dynamic coastlines. At Bay of Fundy there is plenty to see and do. Visit various national parks, UNESCO sites, numerous historical sites, provincial parks and museums for example. Some of the best activities you can do here involve hiking trails, kayaking tours among beautifully moulded coastlines, cliffs and islands. You can also expect to find various kinds of whales swimming in its waters. To fully experience the pleasures of Bay of Fundy, it is recommended you stay in the area for several days and tours and activities can and should be pre-booked. Fundy is well equipped with a spectrum of accommodation ranging from hotels, country inns, bed and breakfasts and even cosy cottages all promoting the rich architectural heritage of the area.


Experience a healthy lifestyle in Vancouver

Located in western Canada is the attractive city of Vancouver. Considered as one of the "best places in the world to live in" as its entire territory promotes a healthy and natural lifestyle, Vancouver, thanks to its moderate climate, is very much a destination for those that love the outdoors. This city alone has everything from picturesque mountains to city-hugging beaches and graceful gardens to modern city areas. Vancouver's biggest highlight is the innumerous amount of activities on offer, from tranquil activities to full-on adventurous ones. If you love feeling free and breathing in fresh air there are various places in Vancouver fit for morning or evening strolls or jogs. Try renting a bicycle or some rollerblades and cruising along Seawall, a popular pathway which will have you crossing well-known zones such as Canada Place, Stanley Park, the shoreline of False Creek, Science World, Gransville Island and Kitsilano's Kits Beach. Vancouver has always been associated with exciting activities too such as skiing and snowboarding which can be appreciated at Cypress, Grouse Mountain and Seymour for example. Besides outdoor activities, Vancouver hosts a number of cultural events and festivities that involve plenty of arts, music, dance and eating. Vancouver is also very well known as a tourist-friendly destination with many services, tours and events specially prepared for those that wish to experience Vancouver to the fullest. All you need to do now is book your trip!


Take the family to Toronto Zoo

The Toronto Zoo is an exciting attraction to visit for all ages and is a whirlpool of zoogeographic regions including Indo-Malaysian, African, American, Tundra Trek, Australasian, Eurasian, and the Canadian Domain. Covering 710 acres, Toronto Zoo is the largest Zoo in Canada and displays over 5000 animals in indoor and outdoor settings that recreate the animals' naturalistic environments read more...

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Attractions and things to do in Canada

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