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Attractions and things to do in England

Country Road in Cotswolds, England

Visit a prized monument - Stonehenge

Stonehenge in Wiltshire is an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1986 and one of the world’s most famous prehistoric sites and mysteries. Owned by the English Crown and believed to date back to the late Stone and early Bronze ages, roughly between 3000 BC and 2000 BC, Stonehenge is today the remains of a circular group of standing stones set within a circular earthwork including several hundred burial mounds. This protected landmark is England’s best preserved and most renowned megalithic monument making it the tourist attraction that it is today. It is also a place of religious significance and pilgrimage with many scholars agreeing that Stonehenge served as a ceremonial or sacred burial ground although there can be no certainties. Many also believe that Stonehenge was constructed by Sun worshippers as its axis is oriented towards the direction of the midsummer sunrise. Stonehenge’s complexity and obvious importance given the arduous labour invested to construct the site makes for an interesting visit plus its location will get you out of the city and in the middle of everything green.


Take a break in the Lake District

There is no place more scenic in England than the Lake District found in the region of Cumbria in north-western England. Once home to the Lake Poets made up of the famous William Wordsworth, Samuel Tayler Coleridge and Robert Southey, the Lake District is not only an important tourist destination among non-English people it is also serves as a getaway spot for thousands of Britons themselves. Delight yourself with the sheer splendour of Lake District that includes notable lakes that came to exist as a result of glaciation during the last Ice Age, the greenest of mountains, streams, waterfalls and luscious U-shaped valleys that roll between the gorgeous highlands. For a few hundred years, the Lake District has been visited for its picturesque views and most of all its peaceful nature which is unmatched elsewhere in the country. Hiking is a traditional activity for most when in the Lake District. You will find many lowland routes suitable for wheelchairs and push-chairs and several high level areas ideal for a more experienced hiker. In fact there are four main peaks to climb up to – the highest point, Scafell Pike (978 m/3,209 ft) in the west, Skiddaw (931 m/3,053 ft) and High Peak (710 m/2,329 ft) in the north and lastly Helvellyn (950 m/3,118 ft) in the east. In regards to the legendary lakes of the Lake District the most renowned are Lake Wildermere, Derwent Water, Illswater, Ennerdale Water, Crummock Water and Bassenthwaite Waite. Lake District is also ideal for cycling and mountain biking, water sports, paragliding and many other adventure activities. There are literally hundreds of hotels and guesthouses to accommodate visitors to this magnificent location so if you are an outdoor enthusiast make your booking now!


Visit London’s most iconic structures

Visiting England’s capital city, London, is absolutely obligatory for any traveller in this region of the United Kingdom. London is a vivacious metropolitan city representing the grandeur of English culture and traditions through its magnificent landmarks and monuments – for example the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square, the London Eye; its Royal family, distinct traditions, its high-society areas, fashionable streets, prestigious museums and art galleries, its charming natural parks and high profile events. There are also iconic British emblems roaming around the city such as the black cab and the double-decker bus. London has very much a mixed population making it one of the most diverse cities in the world as well as multicultural. You’ll find different faces, languages, cultures, traditions, beliefs and foods blended in with English culture and way of life. London city is also never too far away from world attention. There is always something going on in the hub of England’s capital. In fact London is never too far away from world media attention with important sporting events, Royal events and festivals being broadcast around the world or reported in newspapers so why not come and be a part of all the excitement too!


Eat traditional English dishes

Sampling traditional English dishes is a great way to complete your experience in England. Food plays a huge role in English culture and what the British most love are quick and easy yet filling foods to fit their busy lifestyles. To start off your day there’s nothing quite like a hearty English breakfast or Fry Up that consists of poached, fried or scrambled eggs, fried sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. It might be greasy and more than you’re used to eating in the mornings but it’s delicious! There are plenty of eateries that will serve a traditional English breakfast during lunchtime as well as at dinnertime, so you will have plenty of opportunities to try it! Other popular English meals include traditional street food such as fish and chips, pies, sausages and mashed potatoes topped with lots of onions and gravy which are also served in numerous English Pubs. Due to England’s multicultural nature, you will also find English people eating curries from Indian takeaways or stir fries from Chinese and Thai takeaways found on countless street corners. The most common feature of English cuisine is the Sunday roast which consists in roasted beef, lamb, pork or chicken served with a mixture of vegetables, Yorkshire pudding and not forgetting delicious gravy poured over the dish. You will find this dish served in the majority of restaurants on this day. In terms of puddings, the most common English desserts are spotted dick with custard, bread and butter pudding, apple pie or crumble, treacle tart and of course, the traditional English trifle. In past times, it was a widespread stereotype that the English would never miss an afternoon tea however, this tradition is only carried on mainly by English higher society or in the tourism sector. The afternoon tea is accompanied normally by scones with jam, small sponge cakes, biscuits and sandwiches.


Go on the ride of your life in England’s best amusement parks!

It’s quite difficult to get bored in England with fun amusement parks left, right and centre. Visiting amusement parks in England is great during a family holiday as they provide entertainment for kids, teenagers and adults. They offer small rides, big rides, thrill rides, water rides, entertainment shows and much, much more! And here are just a few suggestions of some of the best parks you’ll find…


- Blackpool Pleasure Beach

For some all-time adrenaline pumping rides make a stop at Blackpool Pleasure Beach located by the famous Blackpool seaside area which is open all year round. Here you will find England’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster, The Big One, plus plenty other spine-chilling rides that you won’t forget in a hurry.


- Alton Towers

During autumn and spring holidays, take the family to the award-winning Alton Towers that provides thrill seekers with terrifying rollercoasters with the scariest of names. 


- Chessington’s World of Adventures

Chessington’s World of Adventures is yet another must visit amusement park based in Bewilderwood in Norwich. Here you will be kept busy all day long with a zoo, water rides and mega rollercoasters.


- Lightwater Valley

Lightwater Valley has Europe’s longest rollercoaster known as The Ultimate which takes you on a full six minute journey of twists and turns that will leave you with your stomach in your mouth!


Eden Project

The exceptional Eden Project is a popular paid attraction based in Cornwall, England. Nowhere else in the world will you see the largest rainforest in captivity with steamy jungles plus waterfalls other than at Eden Project which opened in March of 2001. Comprising various areas of interest within massive artificial domes as well as a cafés and restaurants, you can easily spend a full day at Eden Project. Visit the Rainforest Biome and learn all about particular kinds of South American tropical trees such as cocoa and rubber trees, nuts and spices. Take the courageous walk up the Aerial Walkway and walk among treetops plus check out the Rainforest Balloon that lifts Eden’s gardeners to the top of the canopy. One thing you will definitely love is coming in contact with tropical butterflies that fly freely around the Biome – certainly a highlight of the Rainforest Biome. The Mediterranean Biome is probably the most colourful part of Eden Project filled with tropical fruits you certainly have never seen before. This area will most definitely fill your nostrils with extraordinary natural scents and perfumes and will delight your eyes with bright poppies, lupins and dazzling proteas from South Africa. In addition to the Biomes, you will also encounter outdoor gardens with even more plants and flowers. Visit The Core which is Eden’s innovative education centre full of interactive displays that help to inspire imagination and motivate anyone no matter what their age. Here you can see things such as the giant nutcracker, Seed – a 70-tonne granite sculpture, the Plant Engine, enormous ducts that collect rainwater, and educational films. The Eden Project is a fantastic place for a family day out as well as providing a brilliant location for an educational or cultural trip. There is so much to fill the senses in Eden Project and although a pricey attraction, with so much to see and try out its worth every penny. Quick tip: book your ticket(s) online and get a discounted price.



A Cotswolds experience – The epitome of old English culture

For a refreshing and peaceful getaway in England, one fantastic region you might want to visit is Cotswolds complete with attractions, rolling and unspoiled green hills, rich history, castles, palaces, hotels, bed & breakfasts, cafés, friendly country pubs, restaurants and picturesque stone villages. Its quaint villages and excellent preservation of historical monuments really make you feel like you have stepped back in time; back to the medieval ages, the Victorian ages or the Shakespearian period. It really is quite a journey! Situated in south-western and west-central England, the Cotswolds have been labelled as the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which should give you a hint at just how enchanting this place is. The Cotswolds extend into 6 counties in total – Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Worcestershire, Somerset, Wiltshire and Warwickshire – and there are plenty of tourist attractions to please all kinds of tastes and ages thus ensuring satisfaction for the whole family. The steam railways in and around Cotswolds are great attractions for kids and those that have never travelled on a steam engine before. For historical structures, take yourself to the astounding Berkeley Castle filled with ancient traps created to keep out the enemy. Then there is the outstanding Blenheim Palace, a World Heritage Site and birthplace of Sir Winston Churchill. Also, there is the endearing Broadway Tower perched on the Cotsworld Ridge which provides wonderful views across the lands at 312m above sea level. Other landmarks include Broughton Castle, Buscot Park, Charlecote Park, Coughton Court, Gloucester Cathedral and so much more! You can participate in several arts and crafts activities in addition to exciting outdoor activities too which include ballooning, cycling, gliding, motor sports, fishing, horse riding, watersports, sailing and hiking.


Liverpool – The home of The Beatles

Made famous because of its distinguished musical heritage such as The Beatles, Liverpool has emerged over the years as a modern and exciting city that has earned its position in the list of top places to visit in England. Winning the title of European Capital of Culture in 2008, this redeveloped northern city offers visitors a new and exciting waterfront where fun public events take place; innovative and cultural museums such as Merseyside Maritime Museum, the International Slavery Museum, Tate Liverpool and The Beatles Story; unmatched shopping centres like Liverpool ONE, the Metquarter and Cavern Quarter; affordable to refined restaurants and distinguished hotels. Despite the revamping of Liverpool city, the traces of a prominent history and architectural legacy can still be found all over the city with the Albert Dock and the Port of Liverpool Building being key examples. Not only is Liverpool known for its musical history its importance in the world of football is also to be commended with its two leading teams being Liverpool and Everton. Another distinctive characteristic of this city is the Liverpudlian or ‘scouse’ dialect and the Liverpudlian people themselves which make Liverpool the vibrant and bold city it has always been.


Bath – A gracious city

Bath, situated in south-western England on the River of Avon is one of England’s most admired areas and touristic destinations. Designated an UNESCO World Heritage Site, the entire city of Bath holds much importance in England’s history. Firstly, it has been long distinguished as a fashionable health resort and spa with the only natural hot water springs in Great Britain. Secondly, Bath’s rare elegance and 18th century Georgian architecture make it stand out from many of England’s other cities. Furthermore, its tranquil features, unspoiled countryside and exquisite scenery are what give Bath its features of escapism, therefore an ideal location for recharging your batteries. Bath’s attractions are extensive but the most significant is definitely the Roman lead-lined baths (discovered in 1755) contained within a Roman built temple and bathing complex which is where the city’s name originated. Other points of interest include architectural masterpieces like Abbey Church, the Guildhall, the Royal Crescent, the Circus, the Pump Room and Pulteney Bridge. In terms of leisure, Bath definitely does not fall behind. There are plenty of independent shops and parklands to explore as well as a bars, pubs, live music venues and theatrical centres which help to bring Bath’s social scene and night-time to life. Equally significant is Bath’s cultural scene and key festivals such the Bath Literature Festival, the Bath International Music Festival and the notorious Jane Austen Festival which celebrates the life and works of this extraordinary female author and her link to the city of Bath.


Discover chocolate at Cadbury World

If you love Cadbury’s chocolate or simply love chocolate in general, then visiting Cadbury World in Birmingham will make for a fun visit. Run by the Cadbury chocolate company since 1990, Cadbury World offers visitors the opportunity to explore and discover chocolate’s history and learn everything you need to know about the Cadbury business, the world’s most thriving and leading confectionary manufacturer. Through different zones, Cadbury World guides you through the background and creation of Cadbury Dairy Milk also giving visitors the chance to make their own invention with liquid chocolate.

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